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New Orleans, LA – Belfort Instrument Company, one of the oldest meteorological sensor manufacturers in the United States, is introducing three new All Environment Sensors at the 88 th annual American Meteorological Society (AMS) Conference in New Orleans.

Our new All Environment Precipitation Gauge (Model AEPG 300/600/1000), the AEPG is a solid state design using no moving parts and the latest in electronic sensor technology. It can measure all types of precipitation in all weather conditions without human intervention and costly maintenance. The AEPG is available in 12 inch, 24 inch and 40 inch capacities.

The All Environment Digital Aerovane® (Model AEDA 140) is our next generation wind speed and wind direction sensor. The AEDA 140 is based on the Belfort proven design but has been developed with magnetic non-contact sensors for both speed and direction. This advanced digital sensing coupled with sealed ceramic bearings present a long life, very low maintenance sensor. Because of the digital technology, the wind direction measurement has no dead zone as compared to more conventional wind sensors. The AEDA 140 is available in both heated and unheated versions.

Belfort visibility sensors are world renowned for their performance and reliability. We continue this legacy with the new All Environment Visibility Sensor (Model AEVIS 6500 “Peregrine”). Developed to monitor visibility conditions over a range of 20 feet to 50 miles and has both digital and relay outputs. This forward scatter visibility sensor has been specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the Meteorologist and the Transportation industry.

The most important point of the Belfort announcement is the price of the three new sensors. The design and manufacture of each of the three sensors has all been geared to providing a Belfort quality sensor at a price that will surprise you!

“Belfort Instrument Company continues to set the standard in quality made meteorological sensors”, this according to Bruce Robinson CEO of Belfort, he continues. “We are very pleased to present our new sensors at the 88 th AMS conference so the industry can see workmanship of a USA manufactured sensor and see that we can still compete in the international marketplace.”

Belfort Instrument Company has all three sensors on display at Booth #430

About Belfort Instrument Company:
Belfort is a leading provider of weather instruments to the government, professional meteorology and aviation markets. From wind sensors for the Wright Brothers to stateoftheart weather instruments for the ASOS (Automated Surface Observation System) platform and all US Navy aircraft carriers, Belfort continues to set the “Standard of Measurement” for the industry. The Belfort Instrument Company celebrated its 125 th year in business in 2001!