WindObserver II Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

ultrasonic wind sensor

The WindObserver II provides the best solution on the market for reliable, accurate and cost-effective 2 axis wind measurement. It combines the latest patented advances in ultrasonic technology.
  • Decreased down time and service costs
  • Continuous operation in extreme weather conditions
  • Reduced set up and installation time

The elimination of moving parts, together with a rugged stainless steel construction, means that WindObserver II is virtually maintenance free and requires no calibration on site. The optional heated head keeps the unit free from ice and snow, providing continuous use even in the most extreme weather conditions. A new flexible design ensures that the WindObserver II can be configured by the user to their exact requirements, which may include analog outputs, 10 Hz output or heating. The Windows based Anemcom II communications package allows the user to operate the anemometer in various modes, permitting the measurement of U & V vectors or wind speed and direction. Communication is via an RS422 bi-directional link, which allows several units to be networked together and data to be logged on demand. The WindObserver II is rigorously tested to internationally recognized standards and meets stringent performance criteria specified by meteorological, naval and airport authorities and oil and utility companies around the world.

Ultrasonic Wind Sensor Applications

  • Meteorological
  • Bridges
  • Wind turbines
  • Military
  • Transport
  • Marine
  • Tunnels
  • Aviation
  • Motorways


  • Enhanced anti-icing design
  • Analog outputs
  • NMEA output
  • User selectable output format
  • 1, 2, 4, 5, 8 or 10 Hz output
  • Sonic Temperature
  • Communications software
  • Calibration to national standards

Product Specifications

Output 1Hz, 2Hz, 4Hz, 5 Hz, 8 Hz, 10Hz
Parameters UV, Polar, NMEA, Tunnel, Binary
Units m/s, Knots, MPH, KPH ft/min
Averaging Flexible 1-3600 seconds
Range 0 – 65 m/s (0-145 mph)
Accuracy ±2% @ 12m/s
Resolution 0.01m/s
Range 0-359°
Accuracy ±2°
Temperature Range -40°C to +70°C
Starting Threshold 0.01m/s
Dead Band Wind Direction None
Anemometer Status Supplied as part of standard message
Anemometer Only 9-30 V DC (14mA @ 12V DC)
Heating (Optional) 3A @ 22-30V DC, 44-60V AC
Size 405mm x 210mm
Weight 1.5kg
Standards Traceable to NAMAS standards
Digital Output Communication RS422, full duplex, network facility
Baud Rates 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
Formats 8 data, odd, even or no parity
Quantity 3 (speed, direction, status or sonic temperature)
Scale Multiples of ±10 m/s up to ±70 m/s
Type ±2.5V, 0-5V or 4-20mA
V Output Resistance 60 ohms
4-20mA Loading < 300 ohms
Moisture Protection IP66 (NEMA4X)
Operating Temperature -55 °C to +70 °C
Humidity 5% to 100% RH
Precipitation 300mm/hr
EMC: BS EN 50081-1 1992 (Emissions Class B)
BS EN 50082-2 1997 (Immunity) FCC Class A
Icing MILSTD810E Method 521.1 Procedure 1
Site Calibration None Required
External Construction Stainless Steel 316