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Baltimore, MD – The Belfort Instrument Company announced today their Model 6000 Forward Scatter Visibility Sensor met the rigorous standards of IP66 certification.

The IP rating stands for Ingress Protection Rating and was developed by the European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization. The level of ingress protection is designated by the two numbers following the letters “IP”. The “66” rating means that the Model 6000 Visibility Sensor is totally protected against dust ingression (the first 6) and protected against low pressure jets of water, e.g. for use on ships and offshore platforms,(The Second 6). The Belfort Model 6000 Visibility Sensor is used in the Belfort AWOS AV as an FAA certified sensor and makes up the major portion of the Belfort Runway Visual Range (RVR) system used by airports worldwide. In addition to the aviation industry, the Model 6000 is being used in other applications where accurate measure of visibility is needed including Road Weather Information Systems, Fog Warning Systems, and general meteorological installations.

“The IP66 Certification solidifies our Model 6000 Sensor as the premier Forward Scatter Visibility Sensor on the market today” this according to Debra S. Alascio, Chief Operating Officer of Belfort, with its high reliability, accurate measurement, and a competitive price the Model 6000 is an industry winner worldwide.”

About Belfort Instrument Company:
Belfort is a leading provider of weather instruments to the government, professional meteorology and aviation markets. From wind sensors for the Wright Brothers to state-of-the-art weather instruments for the ASOS (Automated Surface Observation System) platform and all US Navy aircraft carriers, Belfort continues to set the “Standard of Measurement” for the industry. The Belfort Instrument Company celebrated its 125th year in business in 2001!