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Baltimore, MD – Baltimore based Belfort Instrument Company has just announced its Next Generation Crane Wind Alarm System. This latest Belfort product uses new advanced technology to alert outside crane operators of high winds using both visual and audible alarms. The new Crane Wind Alarm incorporates an ultrasonic wind sensor to monitor wind speed and wind gusts. The advanced ultrasonic wind sensor has no moving parts and uses ultra high frequency sound waves to measure wind conditions. Because the wind sensor has no moving parts it can withstand the harshest outdoor environments, especially marine terminals.

The Belfort Crane Wind Alarm display console provides a digital wind speed indicator; low limit warning light; high limit warning light, stop operation warning horn; and high and low limit test switch.

“We have taken our proven wind alarm system and made it better”, this according to Troy Wells, National Sales Representative for Belfort. He continues “Adding the ultrasonic wind sensor and redesigning the console electronics has improved the performance and the reliability of our Crane Wind Alarm. ”

About Belfort Instrument Company:
Belfort is a leading provider of weather instruments to the government, professional meteorology and aviation markets. From wind sensors for the Wright Brothers to state-of-the-art weather instruments for the ASOS (Automated Surface Observation System) platform and all US Navy aircraft carriers, Belfort continues to set the “Standard of Measurement” for the industry. The Belfort Instrument Company celebrated its 125 th year in business in 2001!