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Wind Crane Alarm

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  • Designed to Monitor Wind Loads on Cranes and Warn of Unsafe Operating Conditions
  • Uses Latest Maintenance Free Ultrasonic Wind Speed Sensing Technology
  • Designed and Constructed for Use in Severe Environments
  • Selectable Alarm Thresholds
  • Pre-Alarm Delay Minimizes False Alarm Due to Short Term Gusts
  • Test Switch Provides Quick Check of Light, Alarm and External Control Relay

Wind Crane Alarm

Crane Alarm OSHA Regulations for maritime construction and general industry require each rail mounted bridge and portal crane located outside an enclosed structure to be fitted with an operable wind indicating device. The Belfort Model 6115 crane wind alarm system meets these requirements.

Wind speed is detected by the latest technology ultrasonic sensor Belfort Model 6115 mounted on the crane or nearby structure. The sensor provides an output voltage proportional to the wind speed to a cab mounted alarm console. The wind alarm console provides:

  • Digital Wind Speed Indicator
  • Low Limit Warning Light
  • High Limit Warning Light
  • Red Caution Light
  • Stop Operation Horn
  • High and Low Limit Test Switch

A built-in time delay, variable from 00-40 seconds can be set to prevent very short duration gusts from causing false alarms. In the event an alarm occurs, the operate-with- Caution red light begins to flash. Then, if the preset Danger level is reached, the stop-operation horn will blow, telling the crane operator to secure the crane, stop operation and seek shelter. If additional connections are made, the alarm can cause a remote warning light to flash, sound a remote horn or siren, and automatically actuate the crane brakes to prevent the crane from rolling.

Product Specifications

Range0-120mph (0-53 m/sec.)
Accuracy+/- 2%
Starting Threshold2mph
OutputsAnalog + DPDT Relay
Contact Rating20 amps
Pre-Alarm Delay0-40 seconds
Power Requirements120VAC at < 1amp
Dimensions:(Consolet Only)7.5”H x 8.5”W x 7.5”D - 19c x 21.6c x 19c
Weight (Consolet Only)9lbs. (4kg)
Shipping Weight14lbs.