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Aerovane Wind Transmitter Model 120

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Aerovane® Wind Transmitter: Model 120 measures wind speed and direction, Rugged construction, Aerodynamic design, Proven performance for land station, offshore or shipboard applications.

The Aerovane® Wind Transmitter is a precision instrument for measuring the speed and direction of wind. Wind speed is sensed by a 3-bladed impeller which is mounted to the shaft of a DC generator; the output of which is linear with respect to wind speed. Wind direction is sensed by the large rudder of the fuselage, which is connected to a torque-synchro transmitter contained in the vane shaft housing.


Aerovane Wind Transmitter Model 120

The rear rudder section of the fuselage is made of a fiberglass reinforced polyester and the impeller is made of high-impact phenolic composite. The center-section of the fuselage and the vane shaft housing are aluminum castings.

The upper and lower sections of the vane shaft housing separate at the flanges, allowing the transmitter to retain its alignment to a reference direction after removal and re-installation.

The lower section of the vane shaft housing is sized for mounting the transmitter into a 1.37″ (3.48 cm.) diameter hole.

The transmitter is capable of driving two Model 135 or up to five Model 136 indicators. The distance by which the transmitter and indicator can be separated in an Aerovane® system is governed by the amount of wind speed error that is acceptable to the user. The table shows how the error corresponds to various conductor gages and cable lengths.

The Aerovane® Transmitters are available with thermostatically controlled heaters to prevent freezing during icing conditions to temperatures of 14° F (-10° C).

The Aerovane® Transmitter 122 measures wind speed only and does not require external power.

Also available is the Model 123 Transmitter, which measures both wind speed and direction. This model uses a linear potentiometer to measure direction. The 123 can be used with Transmuter Systems and most Data Loggers.

  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Rugged Construction
Awg. No. Feet Meter


  • Potentiometric Direction Output (model 123)
  • Available with Wind Speed Only (model 122)
  • Crosswind-headwind Vector Output (model 5-122A)

Product Specifications

Range0-140 mph (0-62.6 m/s)
Accuracy± 1 mph (0-100 mph) ±0.45m/s (0-44.7m/s)
Starting Threshold 2.0 mph (unheated) (0.9 M/S) 2.6 mph (heated) (1.2 m/s)
Distance Constant 15 ft. (4.6m)
OutputLinear voltage (10.56 VDC @ 100 mph)
Accuracy0-360° ± 2°
Delay Distance34 ft. (10.4 m)
Output115 V, 60 Hz. Synchro signal (optional potentiometric output)
Power Requirements115V, 60 Hz, single-phase
Size32″ L x 29 5/8″ H (82.5 x 75 cm.)
Rotor15″ (39.4 cm.) Dia.
Weight13 lbs. (5.9 kg.)
Shipping Weight22lbs. (10kg)

Ordering Information

120Wind Speed and Direction Transmitter 11865-1
120HD Same as 120 With Heaters 11865-2
122 Transmitter(Wind Speed Only) 11865-6
123 Same as 120, with linear potentiometer for direction 18151-1
123HD Same as 123, with heater 18151-2
5-122A Aerovane® Wind Vector transmitter (6-blade rotor) 15478-2
5-122AHD Aerovane® Wind Vector Transmitter (Heated) 15478-1
———— Cable, 7 Conductor, 18 gage. Not included with Aerovane.Ā® 20254
———— Spare rotor assembly (3 blades). 512482-5
———— Special mast adapter with 1 ” pipe thread termination. 515333-1