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Aerovane Indicator Model 135

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  • Accurate, Rugged, Reliable
  • Illuminated, Easy to Read 4″ Front Panel Meters
  • Parallax Free Reading
  • Continuous Update
  • Linear Scales
  • For Land Station or Shipboard Applications
  • One Aerovane Sensor Drives Two Model 135 Indicators or Up to Five Model 136 Indicators

Aerovane Indicator Model 135

The Aerovane Model 135 Wind Indicator is used with the Aerovane Wind Transmitter and provides a constant visual indication of wind speed and direction for use in meteorological observations and monitoring of wind speed and direction.

The wind speed indicator is a jeweled voltmeter, and the wind direction indicator is a torque-receiver synchro. The indicators require 115 V, 60 Hz power.

The wind speed indicator has a range of 0 to 120 knots (other options are available). The wind direction is indicated by degrees and compass points.

Standard Features

  • Calibration available in knots, miles/hour, and kilometers/hour
  • Direction dial graduated in degrees and compass points for land use or degrees only for shipboard


The Standard Aerovane is capable of driving a maximum of two Series 135 Indicator stations. If specifications require additional indicators, the 136 Marine Wind System should be chosen. The 136 System features an amplifier that enables the master indicator to drive up to four additional repeaters. A typical 136 package includes two Model 120Transmitters for instal­lation on the ship’s yardarms.

Two sensors are required shipboard to permit the bridge to select the windward sensor. Data taken from the leeward sensor can be a distortion of actual ambient conditions, due to deflection or slowing of the wind by the ship’s superstructure. PLEASE CONTACT BELFORT FOR ASSISTANCE WITH MODEL 136 SYSTEMS.

The Model CV-3 Signal conditioner canbe mounted within the indicator or supplied on a separate 19″ rack mount.The CV-3 converts the analog signals of the wind sensor to proportional d.c. voltages of 0-1 or 0-10 VDC. Anoptional 4-20 mAcurrent output is also available.

A 60 to 400 Hz converter is available to interface with navigation or fire control equipment.

Product Specifications

Range0-120 knots (options available)
System Accuracy± 1.0 mph with Aerovane Model 120
System Threshold2.0 mph (0.9 mis) with Aerovane Model 120
Input0.1056 V/mph (.05m/sec)
Range0 to 360°
System Accuracy± 2° or better
InputAngular positions from 115 V, 60 Hz Synchro
Temperature40° to 120°F (4° t o 49°C)
Dimensions17.25 " W x 7"H x 11.25 " D (44x 17 .8 x 28 .6 cm)
Case MaterialAluminum, front panel has clear anodized finish, cast end plates with handles
Power115 V, 60 Hz, single phase, 12 Watts
Shipping Weight40Ibs.(18kg)

Ordering Information

135-60-120 mph; 0-360° & compass points
135-70-120 knots; 0- 360° & compass points
135-11 0-120 km/hr.; 0-360° & compass points
135-18 0-120 knots; 0-360° (no compass points)
Accessories for rack mounting
Transformer for 220V operation
When ordering more than one indicator for an Aerovane, specify the second indicator as a repeater.