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AEPG Alter Shield

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  • Performance comparable to more expensive SDFIR shield used by US Climate Reference Network
  • Rugged stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Retrofits to existing alter shield supports
  • Movable wind deflectors keep free of ice and snow
  • Spring dampened movement with hard rubber grommets eliminates environmental noise
  • Field proven performance

AEPG Alter Shield

Built with heavy gauge aluminum wind deflectors with travel limited to 30º from vertical allows closer deflector spacing and eliminates errors due to excessive porosity demonstrated with unrestrained Alter Shield deflectors.The limited travel of the New Belfort Alter Shield also assures wind deflection comparable to SDFIR type shields even in very high wind conditions where conventional Alter Shield deflectors blow horizontal and fail to deflect wind away from the enclosed precipitation collection device.

Why spring load each wind deflector on the new Belfort Alter Shield? The spring positions each wind deflector relative to the adjacent deflector, it dampens movement, it assures that the deflector returns to vertical and along with a hard rubber grommet limits travel to 30º. In combination the spring dampening and the rubber shock absorption all but eliminates environmental noise on windy days that continues to frustrate use of conventional Alter Shields in populated areas.

Product Specifications

  • Retrofits easily to existing Alter Shield supports
  • May be used with any precipitation gauge currently installed
  • Stainless Support Hoop
  • High Density rectangular wind deflectors
  • Simple attachment with 2 U bolts
  • Rubber grommets limit travel and reduce noise
  • Easy to install spring dampens movement and positions deflectors