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010C Wind Speed Sensor

010C Wind Sensor

The 010C Wind Speed Sensor provides accurate and detailed information on horizontal wind speed. The lightweight three-cup anemometer is used in virtually all applications where fast response and low starting threshold are of paramount importance.

014A Wind Speed Sensor


The 014A Wind Speed Sensor and 024A Wind Direction Sensor are accurate, durable and economical instruments, suitable for a wide range of wind study applications.

034B Wind Sensor


The 034B Wind Sensor combines wind speed and direction measurements in a single sensing unit. It installs in minutes and provides accurate, long-term, continuous monitoring in hostile environments. The sensor uses a quick-connect sensor cable which may extend hundreds of feet without affecting measurement performance.

50.5 Solid State Wind Sensor

The 50.5 Solid State Wind Sensor is a continuation of the development work started with NOAA on sonic wind sensors over 25 years ago. This sensor design contains the same wind distortion algorithm and factoring that has been proven and accepted in applications around the world.

Aerovane Transmitter Series 140A

The Belfort All Environment Digital Aerovane® is designed to operate in the toughest operating environments where reliable accurate wind speed and direction measurements are essential to customer requirements.

Aerovane Wind Transmitter Model 120

Aerovane Wind Transmitter

Aerovane® Wind Transmitter: Model 120 measures wind speed and direction, Rugged construction, Aerodynamic design, Proven performance for land station, offshore or shipboard applications.

Aerovane Indicator Model 135

Aerovane Indicator Series 135

The Aerovane Model 135 Wind Indicator is used with the Aerovane Wind Transmitter and provides a constant visual indication of wind speed and direction for use in meteorological observations and monitoring of wind speed and direction.

AMES Environmental Measurement Systems

AMES produces meteorological sensors (digital wind sensors, ombrometers, temperature sensors), instruments (several types of anemometers), microprocessor controlled measuring stations and complex computerized environmental monitoring networks.

Wind Crane Alarm


Crane Alarm OSHA Regulations for maritime construction and general industry require each rail mounted bridge and portal crane located outside an enclosed structure to be fitted with an operable wind indicating device. The Belfort Model 6115 crane wind alarm system meets these requirements.

Industrial Grade Sonimometer


Climatronics’ Sonimometer™ (sonic anemometer) (P/N 102779) is designed for ambient wind sensing in harsh environment industrial applications as a direct replacement for conventional mechanical propeller and cup anemometers, both in terms of performance and cost. It requires no periodic maintenance or calibration.

AEPG Alter Shield


Built with heavy gauge aluminum wind deflectors with travel limited to 30º from vertical allows closer deflector spacing and eliminates errors due to excessive porosity demonstrated with unrestrained Alter Shield deflectors.