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Aneroid Barometer

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  • Precision Movement
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Withstands Marine Environments
  • Mirror Scale
  • Graduated in Inches of Mercury and Millibars
  • NWS and U.S. Navy Approved

Aneroid Barometer

The Model 6079 Barometer is housed in a black-enameled aluminum case and may be either wall or panel mounted. The case is air-tight, with a 1/8-27 NPTvent, which serves to admit atmospheric pressure to the movement of the barometer during shipment.

Both the sector and the pointer pinion are mounted using jeweled bearings. Two scale options are available; the first with units of millibars and inches of mercury, the second with units of millibars and millimeters of mercury. Both scales are equipped with a mirror ring to eliminate parallax errors in observed readings.

The aneroid barometers are manufactured to meet the requirements of Military Specification MIL-B-17089 and NWS Specification G 101 SPO04. These sensors are in wide use by both the U.S. Navy and the National Weather Service.

Product Specifications

Range26.9 to 31.3″ of mercury
910 to 1060 millibars
682 to 795mm of mercury
Accuracy910- 927 mb, ± 1.00 mb
928- 961 mb, ± 0.80 mb
962-1030 mb, ± 0.65 mb
1031-1047 mb, ± 0.80 mb
1047-1060mb, ± 1.00 mb
Temperature Change Error± 0.015 mb/oF (+ 30° to + 120°F)
± 0.027 mb/oC (-1° to + 49°C)
Sensing ElementNISPAN-C Diaphragm Cell
Minimum Readable Values0.01″ of mercury, 0.25 mb
Dial Graduations0.02″ of mercury, 0.5 mb
Dial Size513/32″ (14.0cm)
Scale Length13 1/2″ (34.3 cm), (342° arc)
CaseBlack, Enameled Aluminum
Weight4.6Ibs. (2 kg)
Shipping Weight8lbs. (3.6 kg)

* Accuracy @ 70°F, :t 5° (21.1 ° C,:t 2.8°)